Welcome to openTruck™

Powerful, consistent and cost-effective next-generation mobile production

openTruck is an innovative initiative which provides a standardized yet customizable way to implement affordable mobile production designs, equipped with the power and technology necessary to deliver the highest quality content. Mobile platforms built using the openTruck™ initiative, deliver a predictable production experience and outstanding results—all the time, every time. Whether you require a network broadcast, Internet delivery, or OTT and VOD services, openTruck™ is exactly what you need to maintain high-quality production values, and consistency of final product that ensures a healthy return on investment.

The openTruck™ initiative involves partnerships with equipment manufacturers, system integrators, truck builders, mobile producers and freelance operators. openTruck™ designs support varying crew capacities, sometimes even supporting twice the number of positions normally found in a vehicle of a particular size. Smaller vehicles and enclosures provide better fuel efficiency, which leads to significantly lower costs to travel from event to event.

openTruck™ is vehicle agnostic and can be built in varying sizes depending on your specific needs. Flight packs, Sprinter type vans, trailers, and forty foot boxes have all have been deployed enjoying all the various advantages of openTruck.

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A fresh perspective

Market Demand

There is unprecedented viewer interest in live sports content that has spurred the creation of new over the air and digital sports networks all across the world. This has created a demand in the mobile television production market for high quality, network level productions that are produced much more efficiently and cost effectively, while delivering consistent results and great looking programs.

These new and incumbent sports networks cannot compromise on the look and feel of their productions, whether they are covering school and college, or regional and national professional sporting events. openTruck™ answers the call. More...

A groundbreaking mobile model

openTruck’s proven blueprints include open protocols, specifications and schematics. Some design models specify a number of Ross Video products, which must be used for an implementation to qualify as openTruck. Other products are optional and can be selected from leading technology suppliers many of which are participants in the openTruck initiative. More...

World-class talent: Trained and ready to go

The openTruck™ initiative is complemented by openCrew, which provides a comprehensive and talented pool of operators who are carefully evaluated and certified according to product knowledge and level of operational experience. The openCrew program produces a readily available selection of operators who have solid backgrounds in live event, mobile productions. More...